Data Voice Fiber Optic Computer Networks New York Long Island

Feeling Disconnected From Your Voice / Data / Fiber / Media Cabling Installation Company 

Building a high-performance communications network demands a cabling provider that is constantly connected to you - that offers Plug & Play user-friendly systems, manufacturer certification and 20-year warranties including applications.



Connected to Your Time Frame

CIC brings you the flexibility to work within your time to coordinate with your facilities’ engineering and administrative departments. We fully understand the various needs of your departments as required for installations and we service the internal needs of those departments first.


Connected to Your Safety and Unique Requirements

CIC is highly experienced, certified and dedicated. We adhere to all JCAHO, NEC, EIA, TIA, NFTS and IEEE standards and the departments of the facilities we serve.


Connecting Your Facility Wiring to the Future

CIC’s established certifications and agreements with major manufacturers will guarantee your cable system with 20-year warranties on defects in the cable. More importantly, CIC guarantees that your cabling system will meet or exceed those certifications including applications. This will save you the cost and disruption of having to upgrade your cable system again.

CIC brings you the latest cable technology. Technology that is fully modular, labeled, documented and warranted.

We provide you with a dedicated project management team and access to over 40 uniformed technicians who have unparalleled manufacturer and supplier support. We enter into a strategic partnership with your connection needs 


Emergency Services

24 / 7 / 365 Service and Reach Numbers User-Friendly, Plug & Play Systems No Upgrades Needed with our Systems