A. General Information

C.I.C. is capable of working within your company’s time frames based upon its labor force in house of 40 installers, 6 project managers, 6 foremen and office support, including quality control department.

C.I.C. has established certifications from major manufacturers allowing C.I.C. to take your company well into the future.

C.I.C. is a totally flexible company with scheduling and response tailored to your organization’s needs.

C.I.C. has extensive knowledge of working with all trades and facilities, fully updated and trained on all communications standards, guaranteeing a fully operational turnkey cable network system utilizing today’s available technology.

C.I.C. is certified in working within asbestos environments and has extensive knowledge and experience in utilizing techniques to give all personnel involved the comfort and safety level required in these areas.

C.I.C. will also meet all of your organization's standards and quality requirements including being flexible in scheduling and allocating installation schedules to conform to your organization’s immediate and long term needs.

C.I.C. at your request can supply you with a list of currently installed jobs / projects.

C.I.C. would be more than happy to arrange walk-throughs at any of our installation locations for your organization to confirm C.I.C.’s quality and response.



B. Installation / Professional Services

C.I.C. has been supplying cable network systems including voice, data, Fiber, computer, audio, security, network rollouts, outside plant / inside plant and splicing services to the communications industry for the past 25 years.

C.I.C. is a full service installation company capable of offering your company a turnkey consulting and cabling installation service. C.I.C.’s vast experience in relating to financial / healthcare network systems can be provided to you at your request.

C.I.C. often finds that scheduling of installations in certain departments require that our installation crews be flexible in their setup and break downs within certain time frames. Safety and firestopping issues are always our concerns. C.I.C. has in house tracking systems to insure all firestopping and safety equipment is installed properly and in accordance with TIA / EIA and all applicable standards.

C.I.C. would supply full time project managers to schedule manpower needed to timely complete all of your organization’s installations as required.

C.I.C. currently utilizes it’s own employees to execute all work. C.I.C. requires its manpower to be flexible to travel and pays them a per diem board and lodging.

C.I.C. does not subcontract any portion of cable placement or installation of network cable systems.

C.I.C. prides itself on quality installation representation to its customers and is always flexible in its approach to meeting your organization’s needs.

C.I.C. has expert knowledge of all Ethernet / token ring and FDDI. Our company installs over 2.5 million feet per year of Category 5E / 6 UTP and Fiber in financial / healthcare facilities.

C.I.C. is currently participating in authorized training in TIA / EIA standards, installation methods and program obligations. C.I.C. partners with Leviton Telcom, Belden, Siemon / Commscope and Berk-Tek for on going training to participate in lifetime warranties.

C.I.C. stays current through the partner program on all BICSI standards and TIA / EIA 568 A, 569, 606, TSB 67, TSB 75 centralized optical Fiber cabling guidelines.



C. Internal C.I.C. Systems

C.I.C. currently utilizes Sprint Communication System throughout our company, including two way paging, cellular services, e-mail, voice mail and remote capabilities. Your organization will be provided with all office and contact numbers and if needed a back-up service to contact our company personnel in off-hour situations.

C.I.C. currently utilizes Management Pro for scheduling, Quickbooks for billing. We are flexible in our software to support information inter-company.

C.I.C. currently utilizes lap top computers and e-mail internet services for distribution to field personnel upgrades and documentation.

C.I.C. generates reports on all field cabling through WireScope 350 scanners and printers to generate information and conformation of cable systems.

C.I.C. usually receives network drawings from engineering or facilities that we work in. In the past our company has used in house CAD Complete by MicrosoftVisio.

C.I.C. has an in house paperwork system from inception to completion including all safety information. When cable systems are complete, all cabling is checked with optical scanners to confirm all transmission requirements.

C.I.C. has entered into a partnership agreement with Bert-Tek / Ortronics and has become a certified installation company. This program guarantees 25 year cable warranty and updated as needed training for design, installation and testing in compliance with TIA / EIA commercial building standards.

C.I.C. has in house quality control personnel and paperwork to control and confirm quality.



D. Implementation / Overview

C.I.C. would supply IT professional services to your organization with direct single point contact at C.I.C. and dedicate full time project managers. Based on workload we would utilize the same crews in the field to insure familiarity with ongoing projects.

Key areas to C.I.C.’s effort are to supply at no cost all support, proper information and site surveys completed with your organization’s personnel to insure and identify customer’s requirements. Once documentation is confirmed with your organization and your organization’s personnel, we can execute a plan that takes into consideration your organization’s customer facilities, satisfaction of your organization’s customers, safety and cost. C.I.C. can be flexible in changes considering we get approval from your organization’s project personnel and also working within the difficult conditions of a facility making sure all Engineering / Information Services departments that C.I.C. as a representative of your organization are serviced properly.

C.I.C.’s project management would interface with your organization’s personnel with all assigned work. We will only execute work approved by your organization’s personnel.

Ideal process for C.I.C. will be installation surveys confirming the needs of your organization. We will create proper amount of crews and project managers based on the workload of your organization. C.I.C. will supply dedicated project managers.

C.I.C. installs no active components to end-users. Our expertise is to supply to your organization with all types of installation services. C.I.C. never comes into conflict or competition with selling active components. We will supply and certify technicians needed to supply any active components, as your organization requires.

C.I.C. is a full service firm dedicated to supplying quality cabling installation services to your company including Fiber / coaxial / copper / security systems / paging systems / voice & data systems including computer roll-outs.

C.I.C. welcomes the opportunity to establish a mutually beneficial relationship to enable both C.I.C. and your organization to provide your customers with the best possible services for all network designs.

C.I.C. provides on going training for in house personnel enabling all field personnel to be constantly updated with current technology. C.I.C. has the flexibility to offer your company any current installation training in building standards.